How to use our skincare system:


Who are we?

It started at the age of 10 when we started playing around with our mom's skincare and make-up. We wanted to experiment with what self-care meant to us, but what we didn't realize was that 'adult-made' formulas weren't safe for our sensitive skin.

After a series of breakouts, rashes, and hives - we finally asked our mom "Why isn't there something made for us?"

We spent close to two years developing formulas using clean, natural and organic ingredients that were both safe and effective for young skin.

To take it a step further - we want to be more than a skincare brand. We're a voice for young people. We're here to help others like us find self-love, confidence, and a sense of belonging by being their most authentic selves. We're here to be real. No filters. No facades.

We hope you love our line as much as we do!